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We guarantee to you a professional work of a esthetism meeting all your waitings. Initially, we remove the sealing old men, then we prepare surfaces in order to maximize the adherence of blocking up We use only products of high quality which we choose according to your needs.


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About Calfeutrage Proscell

The company Calfeutrage Proscell was formed with an aim of filling a request for service blocked up some in the province of Quebec. Since its beginnings, the company Calfeutrage Proscell put the emphase on the services Résidentiel, Commercial, Industriel and Institutional. We believe that the only true way of holding the attention of a customer, it is to make this customer satisfied by offering a service to him to measure. The solutions of Stopping-up Calfeutrage Proscell are matched of a complete support for the customers.

Our commitment to help the customers to optimize their investments includes/understands the provision of services of expert on the matter.



What sealing-up?

Stopping-up is an operation which consists in applying one sealing to fill and seal the openings between various materials of completion so that your building is tight with the infiltrations of air and water. That it acts of a framing of door or window, sealing of a pane thermos flask, a metal coating, wood, aluminium, an expansion joint, a construction joint, a joint of plaster filling or structural components, all the joints of your building must be checked regularly because they are prone to the changes of temperature. The winter, the materials contract and the summer, they distend. The joints undergo the same treatment and it is thus normal that at this rate/rhythm, a repair proves to be necessary to various stages of the life of your building and this, conditionally with the technique of application and the choice of sealing at the time of the preceding repair or of construction. It is important to employ one sealing of excellent quality and the employees specialized to decrease the number of times where you will have to make do the work lasting the life of your building. The choice of sealing is an important stage of the process because it should be made sure that each joint is sealed with the material which is appropriate. The application is also an important stage. It should be made sure that the joint is good depth and good width and this, according to the possible movement of materials. The advantages so that all the joints of a building are sealed adequately are numerous. Among the latter, one finds the reduction in the expenses of heating, the increase in the level of quality of life and comfort, the increase in the lifespan of the building, the reduction in the presence of insects, etc. Stopping-up is necessary in almost all the projects of construction. The application of the majority of sealing can be carried out throughout the year, even if the most favourable time is between December and March. Some sealing can be installed at temperatures very low is with  -40.



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